Our doggy "brother" Samson passed away a few weeks ago and we are very, very sad. He brought a lot of joy into our lives so we miss him dearly. All of us cats though would like to share how grateful we are to have known him!
Smokey: He used to let me cuddle up near him to keep warm. He was very sweet and never rowdy.
Vito: When Mommy let me go on walks, Sam didn't ever bother me. He also never ate my treats, thank goodness!
Dunkel: I remember him as a gentle, king dog. A dog a cat could get along with (there aren't very many of those).

We love you Samson!!!

Purrs to Sam,
Dunkel, Smokey, and Vito

08/29/2013 7:38pm

Ahhhhh I am honored to have met him. You can tell by his eyes that he was a gentle spirit, and I'm sure missed by many....

08/30/2013 5:44am

What a sweet tribute to such a sweet dog

Linda Gray
08/30/2013 8:44am

Looks like a good buddy if I ever saw one :-)

08/30/2013 9:01am

Thank you Dunkel, Vito and Smokey, I know Samson loved you all.
He was truly an amazing dog.............

08/30/2013 3:02pm

Purrs and hugs!! So sorry to hear about Samson! How blessed y'all were to share your lives with such a special doggie. I know Samson will be waiting for all of you on the other side. Until then Meow and Namaste Samson. Fly free! Love, Pippy the Feline Yogini


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