Tomorrow my human is going on a trip to visit her family in Oregon so I thought I'd tell a story about when I got to go. It was a long time ago, but I think I remember...

   My human had temporarily moved to Oregon to stay with her family when I was one year old. When we finally arrived, I got up to stretch my legs. I had never seen so much greenery in my entire life! A white cat named Hallie greeted me at the house we were staying at. Hallie and I kept our distance from each other for the most part. Hallie was a different sort of cat. He didn't mind going out in that stuff called rain! There was so much rain! I mean, who would even want to go out in that stuff? Anyways, where was I... Oh yeah. I remember thinking that I saw mold growing in Hallie's ears but I discovered it was just the color of his hair... Whhaatt? I was only a kitten. Oops... Getting off track again.
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   The one thing that sticks out most in my mind, though, is the night I got out. I saw so many different things with Hallie that night. He showed me the ropes and I encountered my first SLUG! At first I thought it was a worm but it was WAY bigger. Hallie told me that humans put white stuff on them called salt to make them dissolve! I sure hope they don't salt ME!!!

   After six months of this, I finally moved back to California where there is sun instead of rain and sand instead of slugs! It sure was an interesting trip, but I'm glad I got to go. I will miss you while you're gone Mommy!
~Posted by Dunkel

07/18/2013 3:33pm

Well.....Dunkel is welcome to come to Oregon anytine to stay! He may need to get some moisture in that old dry skin & hair!


07/18/2013 4:42pm

I love it that Dunkel doesn't like the rain!

07/20/2013 7:18am

Looking forward ts seeing you


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