A beautiful cat from RMFR: 
   "Geronimo is a young, cuddly male who was abandoned by his owners in Kansas. He is very sweet and gentle, and is turning into quite the lap cat. When his favorite people come to see him, he can get so excited, he rolls over on his back and waves all four legs in the air. Very cute! Geronimo's special volunteer, reports that he also loves to play, especially with feather toys. Geronimo likes kids, dogs, other cats and Fancy Feast Fish and shrimp canned food. He was born on July, 2008. Geronimo, being FIV+, would make a great pet for a family with dogs and kids and a few laps to sit on. Won't you take him home with you today!" ~Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Purrs to Geronimo,
Smokey and Vito

Tanis Conroy
07/25/2013 8:44pm

Love this story about Geronimo.


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