Who is Leo? Leo is a people cat. He is a sensitive soul and very affectionate.
What has Leo been through? Leo had a disease called hepatic lipidosis. This is a severe liver disease that is commonly known as fatty liver. For Leo, this was a life or death situation, but he lived! Leo also might have separation anxiety because his last owner abandoned him. This could have lead to the fatty liver disease.
When should he be adopted? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
Where does he live? Leo lives in northern California with a foster home and needs to be adopted around that area. The farthest he could travel would be to Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona.
Why should you adopt him? Leo really needs a forever home in order to survive. If he were to be put in a shelter again, he might again get hepatic lipidosis.
How should he be cared for? Leo HAS to be an indoor cat with AT LEAST one stay at home human. He does not like any children under the age of twelve and needs playtime twice a day. Leo comes with toys and supplies. For more information about Leo, click here.
Overview: Leo is a sweet cat that needs a calm and forever loving kitty people home. I hope that soon he can find one just like we did!

~Posted by Dunkel

Asia D.

Who is Asia D.? Asia D. is a sweet cat who just loves people!
What does she like to do? She loves her lazer mouse toy and being brushed. She also likes to be petted and lay in laps.
When should Asia be adopted? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
Where is she located? She is located at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR) in Denver, Colorado.
Why is she special needs? Asia is a diabetic cat that wants to be the only cat in your family.
How old is she? She is around nine years old and has been at the shelter since February 2010.
Overview: Asia D. is a loving cat that needs one on one attention and a furrever home. Please adopt her today! For more information about Asia D., click here.

~Posted by Smokey

Captain Midnight

Who is Captain Midnight? He is a short haired black cat with white stripes. Midnight is super affectionate and playful.
What does he like to play with? Midnight likes small balls, mice, glitter balls, and catnip sticks!
When should he be adopted? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
Where does Captain Midnight live? He lives with a foster family but can be contacted through RMFR.
Why is he special needs? He was diagnosed with crystals and also has FLUTD, blocked tom syndrome. To keep this under control, he cannot be under high stress and has to stay on his urinary food. For more information, click here.
How Captain Midnight acts? Very affectionate, but would prefer to be your only cat. Loves to cuddle and purr!
Overview: Captain Midnight is an affectionate cat that needs his forever home soon!! Remember, just because a cat is special needs, that doesn't mean that they need any less attention or love than any other kitty!!

~Posted  by Vito

07/02/2013 7:47pm

I absolutely love that you are posting these special kitties on your website. I hope someone with a big heart adopts them soon!


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