Tuna can sometimes be known for its high mercury levels. It can also be addictive to cats. Veterinarians warn that cats who take such a liking to it will refuse to eat anything else. Ways to prevent this is by not making tuna the main food in their diet. Also, when you use tuna in baked recipes, it will lessen your cat's "tuna fever." This is because when it is baked, the flavor is muted making the other ingredients overcome it. A good recipe for this is the Oatmeal Tuna Cookies I posted last week. I know tuna is my favorite treat, but I guess I will have to limit myself!
~Posted by Dunkel

07/11/2013 11:50am

My human gets me tuna treats occasionally and they are so yummy but like you say they can be addictive! Meow and Namaste! ~Pippy the Feline Yogini


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