Here is a quick list of ten different cats you can sponsor, foster, or adopt at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (the ones in purple are FIV+):

1. Beef Cat- male, 8 years 4 months old, 5 months at shelter
2. Bojetta- female, 5 years 9 months old, 5 years at shelter
3. Brutus- male, 9 years 7 months old
4. CC- female, 10 years 7 months old
5. Clover- female, 5 years 1 month
6. Cubby- female, 5 years 4 months
7. Dante- male, 3 years 3 months, 1 year at shelter
8. Dulce- female, 4 years 11 months
9. Ella- female, 3 years 3 months
10. Freckle- female, 3 years 7 months, 1 year at shelter

They all would love to be helped! Click here if you are interested.

Purrs to all those kitties!
Dee-dee, Smoke, and Mr. V


07/16/2013 6:58pm

Wish I could adopt them all!!!

07/22/2013 8:58am

Well now...They wouldn't like it in Oregon.. But I surely do hope they find a loving home soon!


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