I had a very interesting comment on my posting "Munching Monday: The Pastry Challenge" last week stating that cats do not need any grains in their diet because they are obligate carnivores.

Picture from: http://www.weetzies.com/cat-questions/what-should-cats-eat/

The definition of an obligate carnivore is: "An animal that necessarily subsists on a diet consisting mainly of meat, because it does not possess the physiology to digest vegetable matter. Such animals may consume other materials (vegetable or mineral) for non-nutritional purposes." - Wiktionary

Picture from: http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/encyclopedia/carnivore/?ar_a=1

I completely agree about cats not needing grains in their diet. But, I do believe that it is okay for them to have some grains in their treats for "non-nutritional purposes." I look forward to hearing what you think! Please feel free to comment below.




08/12/2013 6:48pm

On the whole, a small amount isn't harmful. A cat's natural diet will often have plants on board when they are caught and eaten and as such the kitty will get some, but it won't be much. If your kitty is in good health and it doesn't upset them than by all means.

I am not a fan of feeding dry food to a cat for a meal because it is too high in plants to be healthy, but I would often keep it on hand because my cats love it so and if I ever wanted to get a head count (not easy to do with seven) all I had to do was get it out. But Jack suffers from urinary crystals when he eats too many plants so I've always had to be very careful. Since he got health issues due to eating some Catswell treats when ever he gets foods / treats that are higher in plants he starts peeing blood, so I have to be very very careful what he gets.

So for most, I agree. I equate it to sugar / cookies for us humans. We know they aren't good but they are enjoyable so we eat them.


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