Ok. So Smokey and Vito told their story... Now it's my turn...

   I was found as a stray kitten at about six months old in a veterinarian's yard. The veterinarian brought me to her office and set me out to adopt for free. She happened to know my human was looking for a cat so she called her and told her about me. My human came down to the office and fell in love with me instantly (I know, I'm just that adorable!).

   When I was brought home, I hid for the most part. A little while later I became an indoor/outdoor cat. One day I decided to go on a longer walk then usual and got lost. My human couldn't find me anywhere and became worried. She put up lost cat signs all around the neighborhood hoping someone would find me.

  Turns out, someone did! Two days later, a lady who lived with cats found me and brought me to her home. She even got me all my vaccinations! She later discovered the lost cat signs and realized that she had someone else's cat. She called my human and told her she had her cat. My human rushed down to her house and brought me right home!

   I still live with her to this day and I want to dedicate this blog posting to her and her daughter, my other human. I love you!

~Posted by Dunkel

07/05/2013 12:45pm

One time this little kitty came to live in Oregon, and has some stories to tell about that I bet.!

07/05/2013 1:37pm

We loved this story best of all! That other lady was so kind and we're glad you're back home! Purrs...


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