Lancelot's Story

Here is what poor little Lancelot has to say...

"I am an older boy, who ended up at the shelter from a home that had too many cats. I am having a hard time tolerating the stress of a shelter at my age and as a result I have lost weight and have developed some skin irritations. However the main problem is my heart; I have cardiomyopathy. I will be having a test to see if there is any medication that will help me. I understand that my end may come suddenly. That seems OK to me, at least I will not have to suffer for a long time at the end."

PLEASE ADOPT HIM!!!!!!!!! If we could, we would. For more information about Lancelot, click here. We are going to sponsor him through the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR). If you are interested in adopting him, please visit this link:

Our biggest wish is only for him to find a loving home to live the rest of his days with...

Purrs to Lancelot,
                                                                                         Dunkel, Smokey, and Vito


07/03/2013 7:23pm

I am so sad for poor Lancelot. I would love to help you find a home for him.

07/03/2013 11:45pm

Meow and Namaste to Lancelot! Sending good vibes that he finds his furr-ever home very soon! ~ Pippy


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