Timid, yet affectionate:
  "My name is Cleopatra and I’m not feeling like the Queen of the Nile in here! Instead of fine wine and food, it’s the basic cat food and water! I’m not complaining since I’m a very sweet and kind cat. I like to tip on my back and get my tummy rubbed. Hey, did you check out my memorizing eyes. I get along with everyone and would make a wonderful addition to your home, it doesn’t even have to be a palace! So, as long as there are no snakes in sight, won’t you be my Marcus Aurelius and come get me!" ~Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Email us at threecatstails@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Purrs to Cleo!
Smokey and Vito

(By the way Cleopatra, we absolutely LOVE your name!)

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