Hiya! It's Smokey and Vito. Since yesterday we posted cats for adoption, it reminded us of when we were brought home. Of course, we don't really remember it but our humans have told us lots of stories of that first week here....

   Our doggy brothers and sister's groomer had found a stray cat that looked as if she were pregnant. Sure enough, that was us in her tummy! Since our mom was very wild, the groomer planned on just keeping her until after we were born, then letting her go again. She knew that our humans were looking for some kittens to adopt, so she gave them a call and told them about us. Our humans got VERY excited and as soon as we were born, they went down to check us out! There were five of us in total. They only planned on getting one cat but realized that two could keep each other company. One of our humans chose me (Smokey), and the other one chose me (Vito)! After three weeks with our mommy, we were ready to be adopted.

   When we were brought home, we were kept in the bathroom with our two beds, food dishes, toys, collars (that were WAY to big for us), and a small refrigerator with kitten milk and food formula. Our humans hand fed us the first few days and we went to the vet for vaccinations. Towards the end of the week, we were introduced to Samson, a Newfoundland/ Saint Bernard mix, Delilah, a Saint Bernard, and D.C., a Newfoundland.

   We later found out that Vito's "twin" and one of our sisters were adopted together too. Our other sister, a beautiful calico, was going to go live at the groomer's office. Sadly, she ran away with our mom before she coud be brought down. This blog posting is dedicated to them and we hope that they have found a furrever loving home just like we did...

   We love you!

~Posted by Smokey and Vito

07/04/2013 5:54pm

I love the story


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